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West Taghkanic Diner

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We collaborated with West Taghkanic Diner to create a brand identity that would reference everything from old time Americana to “Twin Peaks.” Since opening in early 2019, WTD’s reimagined look and delicious food has received incredible feedback, most recently on the front page of New York Mag’s Grub Street.

WTD has been a staple of the greater Taghkanic area in upstate New York since 1953, paving the way for new owner, Kristopher Schram—who worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants, in and around California, and more recently in Copenhagen, Denmark, before returning to his hometown.

WTD approached us to develop a new brand identity before opening, and asked that we reference the original look, including the well-known neon signage. Our flexible, handcrafted branding allows for a daytime to nighttime look, with several color palettes and multiple logo versions. Inspired by old-school hospitality signage and nostalgic pop-culture references, like David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” and other films, we chose to play up a fun and “creepy-in-a-good way” vibe.

Pairing the building’s traditional charm with Kristopher’s celebrated culinary talents, and with updates to the food, merch, and property—backyard area and smokehouse—a memorable, fresh, and surprising customer experience ensues, allowing for the retro WTD ambiance to take center stage.


“It’s got that Back to the Future chrome look, with black and red lines, big square windows, and a neon sign that’s very much of another era. It drips with Americana like melted butter.”

- NY Mag


All photos on this page by Lawrence Braun and Howard “Howie” Gibson.

A quick overview of our creative process while branding West Taghkanic Diner. With brand photos by Lawrence Braun.


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