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Greg Farley


We partnered with musician and woodworker Greg Farley, former fiddle player to the Felice Brothers, to develop a comprehensive brand identity and marketing strategy for his woodworking company GF Woodworks and, later, to build a website and design albums and posters for his music business.

GF Woodworks, a furniture and lumber company based in Catskill, NY, first reached out to us asking for a brand identity. They use traditional furniture-making techniques to create handmade, no frills, high quality products. We crafted a logo that was visually inspired by Early American coins, using hand-lettering and illustration techniques.

Later, the owner of GF Woodworks, Greg Farley, reached out again for help designing a website, album, and posters for his music before the release of new singles and his first tour. 

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Services provided

  • Brand Identity System

  • Website Design

  • Album & Poster Design

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