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Meadowbloom Coffee & Flowers, initially operating as a pop-up booth selling handcrafted, artisan coffee and beverages with homegrown flower bouquets will, by summer of 2019, be operating out of a renovated 1969 Dodge A108 and, ultimately, a brick and mortar store—selling a range of stunningly unique products and offerings.

This family-owned and operated shop combines Peace of Wild’s floral business with Lawrence’s Braun’s photography and passion for delicious, home-brewed coffee. Their mission is to add value, love, and social good to their community through their products and initiatives, and to create a unique and memorable experience for their customers.

The brand’s aesthetic avoids drawing on dark, smokey coffees for visual inspiration; instead drawing on those with a simple, clear, and aromatic quality. Considering both coffee and flowers bloom, the branding is bright, floral, and uplifting, and the harmony between the two products is conveyed through its branding.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

All photos on this page by Lawrence Braun.

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A vintage piece found online, used as design inspiration for Meadowbloom

A vintage piece found online, used as design inspiration for Meadowbloom

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