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Maverick Psychotherapy Group

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Situated on the Hudson River in Kingston, NY, Maverick Psychotherapy Group believes in a kind and comprehensive approach to therapy. Though the group was founded over 30 years ago, this team of highly-trained therapists still manages to create the best possible care for the diverse needs of their community.

They reached out to us looking for help designing a brand identity system for their expansion, relaunch, and renaming, in order to refresh their image, align it more closely with their mission, and position them as a practice that is inclusive, supportive, healing, and proactive. We then went on to create a functional and bold website, to highlight their skills and help them to reach new audiences.

The new identity is bold yet delicate, while still being handcrafted and inspired by the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. The color palette is meant to be rich and mysterious, drawing the viewer inward, and the imagery abstract yet familiar. A feeling of all-encompassing warmth, a sense of calm and introspection, and a message of accessibility and the celestial is conveyed through the Pegasus constellation configuration.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Identity Design

  • Signage Design

  • Web Design

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