Sophie Wedd Design

About Us

You care about your business. And so do we.



We're known for our concept-driven design process, collaborative client relationships, and unique, handcrafted brand identity systems.

Using growth-minded strategies, we build a distinctive, focused and cohesive brand experience, across platforms, so that your business’ story and core values resonate with your ideal clients.

Our process prioritizes a strong partnership with our clients, and plenty of discovery and close listening, ensuring that our projects will have a successful outcome; one that everyone can stand behind.



Brand Strategy

We understand that a solid foundation of discovery and strategy should come first when building a successful brand. That’s why we develop, refine, and implement a unique plan that will position your business for success.

After carefully considering your goals, pain points, competition, target audience, and products or services, we begin charting a map for your brand.

Design + Identity

We design the outward expression of your brand—your identity—in other words, your brand’s visual language and how you want to be perceived by your audience.

A brand identity system is your name, tagline, logos, icons, color palette, typography, style guide, and more. It is the face and personality of your brand, and complemented by compelling storytelling, photography, and a solid marketing strategy, you’ll be poised for success.

Web Design + Development

We build beautiful, responsive, and intuitive websites that align with our client’s branding, and act as a virtual hub, office space, or storefront for your business.

Your website puts you on the map and gives you credibility. Your website does the heavy lifting for you, and it calls your clients to action.

Digital Marketing

We appreciate how every industry and client has different needs and a different audience, and that’s why we tailor our email and social media marketing to fit your niche.

In todays world, marketing your product or services accurately is critical.

Content Development

Using collaborative research, we share your brand’s story with your audience. We craft custom copy for your website, social media platforms and email newsletters, and we tell them about you, using genuine, personal language, which we’ll hand over to your marketing team, or post on your platforms directly.

Take control of your story. Compel your audience.

Video + Photography

We collaborate with a handful of talented videographers and photographers in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

We handle on-site art direction, and vendor and project management, to see each production to the finish line and make sure that everything aligns with your brand vision.



Sophie Wedd
Founder, Creative Director

In 2013, after graduating with a communications design degree from Pratt Institute, Sophie promptly moved back to her hometown of Philmont, NY, and realized her dreams of founding her own creative studio, Sophie Wedd Design.

Her passion lies in lifting up small businesses, not only through her brand strategy and design expertise, but with her knack for intuitive and thoughtful listening and teaching.

The eldest of eight, including teammate Beatrice, Sophie is a natural leader, collaborator and nurturer in everything she does.

Beatrice Wedd
Project Manager, Copywriter


Beatrice is naturally organized and bossy, making her an ideal project manager. She leads on content creation, and assists with everything from walking the office dog to managing client accounts.

From receiving her bachelor’s in creative writing at Bard College, to studying publishing at the Columbia Journalism School and teaching Kindergarten in Brooklyn, Beatrice never lost sight of her strong passion for writing.

A true middle child, and Sophie’s younger sister, Beatrice is thrilled to be offering her marketing, copywriting, and organizational skills to Sophie Wedd Design.

Fiona Wood
Illustrator, Production Designer


Fiona Wood, a native of the Hudson Valley, is an illustrator and graphic designer, with experience in photography, interior design, and set design for film and TV. Her creative education is rooted in Waldorf pedagogy, and honed at Parsons School for Design.

Fiona's unique yet commercial style is built upon a knowledge of fine art and photography and her personal flair for the avante-garde. She consistently finds a way to transpose classical techniques with contemporary inspirations.

Office Mascot, Dog

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 6.44.57 PM.png

Bear is a true wild card, guarding the office from intruders, clients and—most terrifying of all—water delivery men.

She enjoys fetching sticks, sniffing dog butts, and making sure her humans remember to walk when they’ve become one with their computers.