Founder, Lead Graphic Designer

Sophie is a Graphic Designer and the Founder of Sophie Wedd Design. She is constantly inspired and motivated by the different projects she takes on and people she works with.

Born in France and raised on a farm in the Hudson Valley, Sophie is the daughter of two artists and big sister of seven siblings, making her a natural leader, collaborator and nurturer in everything she does.

Sophie received her BFA in Communications Design/Graphic Design from Pratt Institute in 2013. She maintained a National Merit Scholarship throughout her time there and was honored with a place on the President's List in 2011.

She currently lives in Ghent, NY. She enjoys being in nature and living out her dream of working in the community she grew up in and cares so deeply for.


Fiona Wood, 
Designer, Illustrator

Fiona Wood, a native of the Hudson Valley, is an illustrator, graphic and interior designer. 

Her creative education background is rooted in Waldorf-Steiner pedagogy, and honed at Parsons School for Design in New York City.

Fiona's unique yet commercial style is built upon a knowledge of fine arts and photography, while layered with her personal flair for the avante-garde. She consistently finds a way to transpose classical techniques with contemporary inspirations, and incorporates her hand-drawn style for a natural authentic feel.

Her mix of technical training and education, paired with her wide range of high-level professional work experience, allow Fiona to communicate a multitude of ideas to a wide range of different kinds of clients.